Adultery is by no means a fad or merely a passing socialogical
hiccup. It is by far the most common means of destroying a
relationship in western civilization. Did you notice I said western?

In many eastern societies, a man can have a multitude of women, be
married to all or one, and still be viewed as a normal everyday
citizen by all accounts.

So who really cares about other parts of the world? Well, our society
is based on a religious belief whether catholic, lutheran or whatever
that shuns the notion of more than one partner at a time.

Am I saying that the several partners theory is incorrect or terribly
flawed just because I was raised to believe the western and european
point of view?

Absolutely not! If we were brought up in any country who advocates
adultry and this type of family or partner structure, we would think
it was as normal as breathing.

Adulterous fantasies many times, cannot be helped in terms of just
normal everyday thinking. It is the act of actually committing the
sin that drives the mere thought into reality.

When you or someone else steps over this social line, all hell can
break loose in a hurry! So why would we yearn to have an affair or
commit adultery?

Deep within all of us is a ratio of committment to another and a
need to feel fulfilled in our relationships we intend or already have
based familial intentions upon.

If our 'cup is not full all the time', many of us feel that we are
entitled to fill it up come 'hook or crook' with whomever instead of
going down the road with your partner via normal communication,
and shoring up the deficiencies that way.

In the latter context, we can more readily dissipate the notions of
committing adultery and maturly move forward by expressing our
needs without acting upon them.

Healthy? You can take that to the bank literally because divorce
can be very costly for both parties if adultery can be proven in a
court of law during those proceedings.

By taking the high road, you show true respect for your partner, it
drives more health into the realtionship by keeping an open
dialogue about both peoples needs, and ulimately trust builds upon
the 'bricks of togetherness'.

Pain: So you are the suspecting one and as you stare all this pain in
the eyes, you must find the needle in the haystack so you can keep
your life from falling apart in a snap.

It is vital that your self respect remain paramount through all of
this suspicion and knowing within yourself that better days will
eventually come back around.

Everyone has hills to climb in relationships......there are rarely any
that are truly perfect.

However, adultery is many times a deal breaker for a large majority
of people and then there are some couples who overcome it by
forgiving and slowly building back the trust over years of time

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