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When I sat down to design this site, it had been spinning in my head since the previous summer, and it was now early November '03. I can only
hope that you will appreciate and enjoy this as much as it has been my pleasure in creating it.

Initially, I wanted the lay person, along with the sophisticate, to be able to come to a site and read honest and substantive content that hits
home. I will provide that and more, because this is something I have great passion for.

Alright, enough about my intentions and some about myself.... I am a 32 yr. old husband and father of a beautiful 2 yr. old daughter. I have
seen and heard
much, but maybe not as much as some older people. Nevertheless, my human studies are constantly running. Even if I just
want to grab a paper at a convience store, I am in constant study-mode learning and understanding the human condition and its motivations.
I feel my best assets are logic and insight. They are always measuring in a cost benefit mode; almost like a mathematical equation.

This can also be a negative, but even though analyzing empathetically is second nature to me, it is not a hinderance. So welcome again, and
please take the time to read around the site. Heck, put in on your favorites so as to come back on future visits, for fresh content. I want to give
a big thank you out to all who visit this site and make it what it is and will be because without you, there is no
Personal favorites tv, music, and movies....just to let you know a little bit more about myself.

TV: Magnum PI, Threes Company, Forensic Files, Psychic Detectives, and pretty much any sports
Music: Favorite albums Rock.... U2, [Joshua Tree], Guns & Roses, [Appetite for Destruction] (guitar lovers dream)
Favorite Country albums: George Strait, [Greatest hits vol.1.] Diamond Rio, [Love a little stronger], Mark Wills, [Loving every minute]
Favorite Rap albums: Tupac, Greatest hits. Notorious B.I.G., Life after death
Favorite R&B albums: Joe, [my name is Joe], Usher, [My Way]
Older stuff like Bread, Lionel Ritchie, Player, Foriegner, Elton John also sound great
Any of these albums should be heard for your respective genre if you haven't already.
Movies: Comedies: Dumb and Dumber, Meet the Parents, Saving Silverman, Caddyshack, & Stripes
Horror: Friday the 13th part 1, Halloween part 1,
Drama: Dressed to kill, Simple plan,
For the Romantics/tearjerkers: Message in a bottle, Titanic, Frankie and Johnnie, & Cocktail
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