Uncover Indescretions Right Away

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How do you catch cheater in the act or get enough proof that they indeed did cheat?
There is no set map to follow because every case is individual with it's own unique
dynamics and potential pitfalls.

The key is formulating a plan to unveil the truth and then following through with it as
close to the letter as possible, assuming perfect conditions are available to you.

Being untidy in one's overall approach can lead to misinformation or worst yet, your
own personal safety being jeapordized. Cheaters attempt to dissuade or 'dumb down'
their tracks whether physically or electronically.

This in turn, allows you to get the truth with conviction in knowing that you
capitalized on the stumbles of said cheater if you know what to look for immediately.

The distinction between a cheater and a non-cheater is that they actually think in
their own minds that they can easily get away with it therefore, doing it is like second
nature to them, and that is when you can catch it by being smarter.

If you havn't already noticed, crime all around is harder to get away with today
because practically every scene has physical clues left behind that will be examined
closely in some forensic lab in any random jurisdiction.

Hesitation can be a poor decision as it may be a one time thing and finding someone
guilty of something in the far past is harder than not. In short, make your move(s) as
soon as possible and 'strike when the irons hot'!

This will ensure that your efforts are rewarded with more of a real-time feel rather
than procrastinating the inevitable. To catch a cheater, your role is to be as
selfeffacing as possible. In other words, don't draw too much attention to your
investigations, just try to catch it 'under the radar'.

So why does a cheater cheat? Being provacative within their own actions many times is
enough of a factor but feelings of emptiness, whether warranted or not, many times is
the driving force behind the psyche of a cheater.

Life, in and of itself, is fortuitous and randomized so it's predictability is practically nil.
But as for keeping your life as simple as possible allows you to keep out the needless
distractions that would otherwise complicate it overall.

The same goes for a cheater......they want things to be as easy as possible by having their
cake and eating all of it too. They ultimately want a buffer between them and their
cheating elements permitting them to stay on the low for as long as possible.

This is where it all ends and you reveal the lies and hiding that has been going on for
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