Cheating Wives - A Loss of Trust

Cheating Wives - Is my spouse unfaithful?

By Brian Maloney

If you could look into a crystal ball today and see the real
truth would you? Furthermore, when you do, could you
truly stomach what you may see?

Incredibly, most of us never wish this task on anyone
including our enemies, however, it certainly gives credence
to knowing is better than not knowing!

As married people (including myself), we stood in front of a
man or woman who helped launch us into a different
realm of our lives. One that hopefully transferred us to a
more beautiful, serene existence that could, and would, only
get better, right?

When you took your vows to be faithful no matter what the
situation, and your partner did as well, you psychologically
felt a growing bond that began to galvanize both of you as
one entity.

Moreover, this strengthening bond that included all of your
vows, was to be the concrete foundation that you would
both build upon.

Now it seems that something is seemingly wrong, and you
can truly sense it!

Is it communication between the two of you, or the lack
thereof? Is it the mere distancing you feel whenever you?re
around your spouse, or is it something in the way they act
or speak that spells and smells wrong?

Whatever it is, it surely doesn?t feel natural like in the past
when most everything did.

Cheating is the single most unsettling, dehumanizing, and betraying
feeling any soul can contemplate, but contemplating this is
the only way you can move forward, as painful as it is!

Cheating wives, spouses, and husbands are the single most
reason for divorce in the world period
. In addition, if this
were to be true in your life, wouldn't it be something that
must be uncovered and not remain ?under the rug?.

As a happily married man, if this inkling were to arise and I
felt honestly that this certainly could be the case, then
without a shadow of any doubt, I would get to the bottom
of it, and find out if my spouse is cheating.

When cheating wives or husbands cheat, they do it for
several reasons, but ultimately, they feel they can because
they probably won?t get caught. It is like having your cake
and eating it too.

Although, most of us know that sacrifice for the betterment
of your relationship by not having extramarital & cheating
affairs, is what we vowed to do initially, some of us cannot
resist the temptation and are weak inside.

Inner strength and being serious everyday about your
loyalty is the basis for a strong and dedicated spouse. This
dedication is what we fundamentally must carry with us
even when miles apart and an opportunity presents itself.

Consequential logic needs to arise and take over any
situation within one?s mind under any conditions and this is
not the case with a cheating person!

They usually don't think of potential consequences when
engaging themselves in cheating , however, they know
they are attempting to fulfill a void they feel inside

This emptiness, whether, truly there or not, is their driving
motivation to philander and cheat.

Instead of giving the other spouse a chance by
communicating their voids and desires, they take the low
road and succumb to their weakness.

Whatever the reason, it is not your fault!

By working out whatever problem the cheating spouse
had prior to cheating, within the sacred walls of the
relationship, it would of undoubtedly have been
the best route to take.

However, this sudden change and the way you feel today
cannot go away unless two things occur....they confess to
their cheating ways, or you uncover the truth!

The latter is usually what must happen. If you truly feel
that your spouse is cheating, and that a volunteer style
confession is not on the horizon, then I would highly
recommend this solid resource.

This will undoubtedly yield you the answers you need.
It's a large 'piece of mind' you can't afford to do without!

I can attest that people who have come to me and asked for
this type of help, have told me this is the right solution
despite all of the pain.

Ignorance is not blissful anymore, find out, your heart is
definitely worth it!
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