How Can Empathy Shape Your Values?

By Brian Maloney

One of the most underrated concepts that most people
overlook is approaching life from an empathetic standpoint.

Despite our best intentions, it is not always that we live by
this ethical code that is deeply embedded in all of us.

Much of my writings are geared to logical approaches to a
an overwhelming world and this is definitely no exception.
I don?t want to underestimate the importance of this
concept because I feel it is so extremely powerful.

It is quite intriguing to me that this world is made up of so
many beautiful, yet so many diluted and unscrupulous,
minds. Obviously, people are not born with certain
personality deficiencies, as much of it is learned behaviors.

To intimately understand and comprehend another?s
feelings, thoughts, and motives is much of what empathy

However, this is easier said than done. An awesome way to
truly understand your own set of values, is to genuinely
approach life indiscrimanently with this viewpoint.

So how can empathy really help design a system of higher
and lower values so easily?

It is just like the Golden Rule says, treat everyone like you
would want to be treated.

Would you want to be belittled constantly? No. Would
you want to be disregarded by others? No. Does being
disrespected hurt? Yes.

Temporarily plant your mind into another?s and attempt to
understand their plights.

Although you may say, Brian, why should I always respect
people when most of them have no respect for others

If our entire world treated each other in this manner, most
everyone would have contempt for everyone else.

By taking a stroll in someone else?s shoes when dealing
with all people; you automatically detach from the very
learned narcissism we all are accustomed to and approach
your relationships more positively and kinder.

In my humble opinion, it is by far the most selfless way to
approach ones life, so to deny its significance would
definitely be wrong!

By understanding how you would like to be treated and
convert this mindset over to how others should be treated,
then a solid foundation for how your own values can be
built upon.

This, in turn, assists in shaping what is truly important to
what is merely nonsensical. Having an empathetic mindset
adds clarity and purity as opposed to being caught up in a
selfish tunnel of me and more me.

Certainly, we are all going to have our transgressions, but
this approach will limit them and yield more piece of mind,
that your intentions towards others are not to be harmful,
but harmless.

Without a doubt, you will always encounter people who
simply do not care about your feelings, only their own.
Don?t let these people derail your good intentions.

Try to always stay in this mindset. It will surely be critical
to your mental health. I know this may sound like some
sermon, but think of the alternative mindset and the
negativity attached to it.

Of course it?s difficult to respect anyone who blatantly
disrespects you, but this doesn?t mean you should approach
life so negatively.

By sending a message to others that you respect them as a
human being and not some tangible object standing before
them, you naturally disarm their defenses, and begin
speaking to the most real part of them.

Wanting to have a good heart and treating people with
dignity is something we should all strive for on a consistent

If this uptempo world is to progress, we all need to do our
part by approaching it empathetically and continue to form
our values in accordance to this mindset.

--by Brian
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