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Truthfully, I can say hemorrhoids are one of the worst thing that has ever happened to
me from a psychological, socialogical, and physical standpoint.

I'll never forget my first weird swelling back there. It was after finding out on the
toilet that my life would severly change forever from that point on.

Not only the pain was difficult to bear, but the stigma alone was enough to drive me
bonkers over the mere thought of having to disclose this to anyone, let alone my own

From that spot in my life, it simply spiraled out of control from doctors lancing a clot
out of a vein and then just leaving it there to fester to major surgeries intended to
eliminate the hemorrhoid altogether.

First, it started out as simple irregularity from the Florida heat, and then it
snowballed into something much more ominous than I had ever thought imaginable.

After my first bout with a thrombosing vein, I sought out hemorrhoids treatment that
was physician based under medical conditions because that was all I knew of.

The subsequent dialogue that I had with several doctors was that this problem was
probably always going to haunt me for the rest of my life, but not in those exact

This troubled the hell out of me because there was no way I legitimately
envision my life littered with horrible memories of hemorrhoids that tended to recur
at randomized times.

As time whisked by, I would pile up more surgeries like notches in my proverbial
'hemmy' belt. I was under the scalpel on more than a handful of occassions and I
would have given the world not to have the nurse and doctors to have seen me in that
position alone.

Demoralizing........yeah, you could say so, but I kept on thinking that one day this would
all be over, and my hemorrhoids cure would be right around the bend somewhere.
Theres wishful thinking and theres thinking wishfully.......I was apparently doing both!

Thoughts started to creep into my mind that would indicate there is some kind of
medical conspiracy these hemorrhoid docs aren't telling me about. That perhaps
there is a hemorrhoid remedy in a secret safe somewhere only they know of.

Preposterous! Probably not, considering thats how many of these guys make a
fabulous living..........from our pain and suffering. We've all heard that using plant fiber
in a glass of as much water as we can drink with it; will seemingly ensure we can stave
off straining and blood stagnation that permits clotting.

Also that a lot of water and aspirin, whether baby or not, will thin out your blood so as
not to allow coagulation to commence.
While all of this is true, it doesn't create a cure or
total remedy for hemorrhoids, it merely is considered
preventative in it's overall strategy.

This fosters good intentions, and should be utilized by
all who are afflicted by this as a lifetime regimen, but
it still won't eliminate future outbreaks to occur.

After searching the net for sometime in what seemed
to be an eternity, I found the H-miracle. I was
extremely skeptical initially because of my vast
history but after using it, I was shocked at how
effective it truly is.
From a guy who practically came to tears on several occassions over this; and I fancy
myself as fairly masculine, I simply had to write about it and share what a phenominal
product this really is.

The gal who put this together has something extremely special here; because I know
there are so many others out there just like me who simply are too embarrassed about
their hemorrhoids to just tell anyone and everyone.

I am always on the lookout for true value and products that don't hoodwink the
consumer. This certainly fits the bill! Before entering into a surgical suite with
doctors, nurses and scalpels, buy this beforehand to ultimately avoid that

All the best,