There have been literally billions of cases over time of infidelity in the whole
scheme of things. However, thats not going to make you feel better in terms of
your suspicions is it?

Certainly, if we were doctors, we would like to more than merely treat
symptoms, we would like to identify the source and then treat the problem.

The same can be said of a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Infidelity signs pierce
deeper than knives and your once secure relationship is seemingly now
insecure and on unstable ground. That said, what is the root issue causing an
infidelity marriage or relationship?

Well, fundementally, insecurity within the cheating individuals own mind about
the realtionship is primarily the reason for straying. Simply put, if you don't get
emotionally or physically what you think you deserve, many people in a
relationship will feel a void of some sort.

Now, this emptiness may be warranted but may be a figment of their
imagination or need to find excuses for other problems that plague the
relationship like simple communication or jealousy issues.

Commitment: When a relationship starts, there is varying degrees inside of each
persons mind as to how committed they truly are and eventually will be.

This, in an ideal relationship is near 100% for both from the outset. Although, this
usually is not the case even for the best of intending individuals.

Hence, you have a sort of machine that is subject to breaking down because
one of the two major components fails to deliver on their end of the bargain.

This brings a partner to the ever consuming notion of the other having infidelity
like intentions. Demoralizing cannot state this emotion effectively!

Sadness, despair, anger, and futility all enter your minds ever spinning and
deepening chasm. You want to verify the signs and you need to confirm out of
respect for yourself and your overall dignity.

Is there really any other way? No, because you wouldn't be doing right by
yourself and living with this idea would cause your soul to literally 'rot from

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