Does Insecurity Halt Your Personal Growth?

By Brian Maloney

Everyone big or small, old or young would love to feel a
sense of security and well being all of the time in such a
seemingly short life.

However, through lifeís trials of inevitable ups and downs,
we sometimes believe that our self worth is supposed to be
sub-par, as if the world saw that if we were strong inside, it
wouldnít function properly. Earthís axis would go into
some unhealthy tilt and its rotation would cease.

We wouldnít be serving ourself or anyone else correctly if
this were true, so why are we content to become less than
what we can be and settle with our comfortable insecurities
that we know so well?

Most people, if you were to strip them of everything they
have inside, are merely searching for love and meaning in
their lives; but to some, it is a never-ending, self-fulfilling
prophecy of dead ends and wrong routes taken.

You are always going to be your worst enemy and
suppresser in seeking your personal nirvana!

If you were your biggest fan, you would clone yourself and
when you stepped up to bat, there would be 75,000
screaming youís cheering for your success. Insecure people
take the pleasure in feeding a massive dose of negativity
inwards and therefore would love to stay as a boo bird
hoping for your own failure.

After all, isnít that what society would love to have happen
to you? Stay down with the masses and wallow in the mire
with them, because misery loves company.

You were probably taught by society or learned this
yourself, but certainly, you were not born with this

Have you ever heard that itís all in your head? Ninety nine
percent of your success whether professionally, personally,
or athletically comes from inside you and your physical
attributes are merely that, tangible aspects of you and thats

If you were given ninety health filled days to live, how
would you live them? Would you throw everything at the
wall, put the petal to the metal, dive the deepest blue sea,
scale the highest peak?

Although, you could live truthfully, confident, secure in
yourself, and show all the beautiful colors that you came
into this world with, those colors that have been skewed
and faded for such a long time.

This mindset of not taking today or tomorrow for granted
and knowing that the end could happen at anytime; and
therefore living this gift of life as honest, not only to
yourself, but others, is extremely powerful.

The truth will set you free!

Insecurity cages you in a personal prison when you could
be sailing behind warm winds towards a brighter and more
gratifying future. It rents space in your mind and asks you
to pay its bills. It impedes your personal progression and
tells you that you canít, when you can.

Regretfully, this is an internal force, not something external
that you can run far away from and never see again.

Looking back, do you see your past and at some points
feeling so insecure in some situations that the required task
couldnít be completed because you felt inept?

Were you so insecure within that you had to feel secure by
controlling others? If you were secure, you would know
that your security is about letting go and having faith in
your abilities no matter what situation your in.

Being secure is not ďIím better than you and Iím going to
constantly show you;" to the contrary, it is an inner
confidence that neednít be excluded, but known within,
regardless of a checkered or questionable past.

Remember, you are not on earth a very long time in the
whole scheme of things, so wouldnít it be better to get
the best you can out of yourself instead of locking
everything up in an internal safe of insecurities?

--by Brian
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