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I want to share an experience with you that I found to be truly life changing.
My wife and I were married with an all inclusive wedding package in Negril, Jamaica back on
October 29th, 2000. At first, I knew from what others said of Jamaica and the of Caribbean, that
it was going to be special. However, I had no idea how much fun it truly was and how much
emotional fulfillment it came to become.

We spent 8 days at Beaches Negril and it was by far in the top 2 experiences of my life behind
my daughter being born. Let me explain why I thought this was so profound. Just flying in was
eye candy, with the translucent blue waters and when we landed, you got a phenomenal vibe
about the people and the culture. I cannot say enough about the people, they are truly
beautiful inside with the country's "no problem" mantra.

It was as if I landed briefly in heaven. I had to shake my head and hope that the clock would
stop for a while because of the colors, the water, the beautiful green mountains and of course
the people were utterly exotic.

The Jamaica resorts all inclusive is definitely the way to go because at Beaches Negril and
pretty much every Sandals resorts
in Jamaica, they have 7 restaurants (everything from
Japanese, to burgers and fries, to complete elegant, to a patio/pool side saute`.

Best of all, it's whatever you want and whenever you want it. Furthermore, if you like to let
loose and have your drinks, there also unlimited and believe me, I'm not too much on alcohol,
but after that trip I was questioning whether alcoholism was in my family, & how severe. :)

What did we do? Well, one night we jumped onto a huge sailboat and sailed south to Rick's
bar to snorkel and cliff jump where a lot of Hollywoods stars frequent. As we sailed back, the
sun was setting slowly in the west and they jammed smooth music, we ate pizza, bought
souvenirs, and of course, drank a lot!

Other days we would scuba dive in their beautiful reefs. My brother Darrin wanted to go real
bad so all he did was easily get certified for free in one of their many huge pools one morning
and that afternoon, we were diving.

Another day we went horseback riding in the mountains and that was littered with culture,
beautiful landscapes, interesting people, and at the top was a refreshment gazebo and views
of the aqua caribbean off in distance. As we walked through their trails a top the mountain,
cute little billy goats that were wild would sometimes catch our fancy.

Our rasta man was so nice he showed us a rubber tree that was so enormous it was said to be
500 years old and he showed us natural mint on the ground that would literally close before
your eyes when you touched it. I grabbed a couple tiny native limes just to have that
unbelievable smell around me as long as possible.

On one of our last days, we married, that was part of our Jamaica all inclusive wedding
package with about 10 of our family in attendance. It was blue sky, barely any wind, around 85
degrees, and right on the beach! I'll never forget it, my wife was so beautiful! She was in a sleek
white silk dress that contrasted perfectly against her darkening skin. Everyone was very
professional and it totally went off without a hitch. We ate, drank champagne, took
professional photos by the photographer, & they captured it all on professional video for us,
all part of the wedding package.

The day before we were to leave, we parasailed and as we were together up in the harness, I
was so enamored by the gorgeous blue below me and to my right were dark green mountains
behind the white beach. That's when I knew this was a place I would try to come back to as
much as I could throughout the course of my life because it was just that special!

Once more, when I look back now on that experience, it wasn't all the heavenly blues and
greens I saw, it was the people that I'll remember the most, for they were the heartbeat that
made Jamaica what it is.

I urge anyone who wants to experience something truly awesome to go to Jamaica anywhere
as long as it's all inclusive and at beaches or sandals, they are the same company.

You can book any Jamaica resort all inclusive package here. Sandals/Beaches main site.
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