Looks or Heart?

By Brian Maloney

No matter how you want to spin it, beautiful people are just
that, beautiful. However, to what degree does it play into
you finding your perfect match?

Seemingly, most of us are engulfed by a blitzing media that
sells everything from lingerie to exotic cars with some
gorgeous blonde or brunette sitting next to it. An idea that
if itís candy to the eyes, it will sell to the general public
more readily.

While this concept is hardly new and not far from the truth,
how important of a factor does it play in landing someone
that you could see yourself spending the rest of your days

You would be surprised how shallow many adults are!

The idea of bypassing personality for the most part and
simply sizing up a prospects physical attributes for a
potential long term mate, can be nothing short of

So what is the hurt in holding out until you find a perfect
match? You know, someone who has it all, personality,
character, integrity, dignity, compassion, accountability,
compatability, aspirations, and empathy.

Did you notice I conveniently left out a flawless face, ideal
smile, drop dead body?

It is because in a long term relationship, the heart,
character, and integrity will ninety nine times out of a
hundred always win in the end.

Donít get me wrong, there are beautiful people who have
the whole package, brains and beauty. Although, they are
not the easiest to find and not the easiest to tame.

What Iím saying is, if a person knows they have the full
gammut of qualities, they know their marketability, so
'youíd better bring your A game' if your going to spend time
with them, is usually their mindset.

When speaking on the heart, intentions always come to
mind. What intentions does a person have as they travel
through their respective life?

Are they about others first, and then themselves, or do they
want theirs first? This is a poignant question anyone can
ask themselves as a soul search in order to gain additional
perspective about their heart so as to know the path they
are travelling down.

Once more, this is a quality to look for when screening a
panel of people who you see have potential and peering through
thin disguises can become a learned, efficient art.

Question: Would you pass up an opportunity to be with
someone who is not your ideal physical specimen but you
know they would be the perfect compliment to you and
vice versa just to be with a less compatible, more attractive

That question is what one should sort out before delving
deep into a committed relationship. Your honest intentions usually
mean everything to someone else and are the very hinge a single
persons future can depend on.

Being lost when understading intentions is not a viable option.

Fact: Some of the most beautiful people I have ever been
around are some of the least attractive to the eyes; their
caring, selflessness, attitude, and personality are impossible
to overlook, leaving the more attractive person 'somewhere
in a cloud of dust on a rural road in my mind.'

Their heart is like a beacon in the pitch dark where light is less than
sparse. It screams without saying a word!

People with good hearted intentions are like glimmering diamonds.
Finding them is not that hard if you know what your
looking for. So next time you come across a less than
beautiful potential mate, ask yourself, "is this person's inner beauty
worth tossing away, or did you just find a gem?"

--by Brian Maloney-ValuePrep.com
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