No No for Face

There are so many things in life that simply much better gone, unwanted
facial hair is definitely one of them. The no no for face is the answer to many
a prayer
when it comes to getting this unsightly growth off of your face.

There is no way I couldn't not write about this little gizmo as it has been a
godsend since the day I received it. With an overgrown bush above and below
my lips, it crystallizes the hair with pulsations that are not only painless, but
harmless as well.

Whether for sideburns, between the eyebrows to prevent the ever hated
unibrow, or trying to shut down that 'fu man chu' that seems to never stay
away; this hot little product certainly gets valuepreps full endorsement

We've tried many around here because hair is such an annoyance, but never
have we seen a product actually cease the growth to a mere tenth of what it
used to be and without any harmful side effects to our skin.

Another nice thing about this little instrument is that it really leaves a small
footprint in terms of electrical consumption and even it's space it takes up,
which is nominal at best. This is really cool when you want to take the no no
somewhere and put it in the car or a purse.

We have tried waxing, clippers, hair removal creams, and practically
everything except the really expensive laser hair removal and nothing can
touch this product and I had to let the world know of it's ease and true value.

What I like to do is limit the amount of face maintenance I spend in front of
the mirror by taking a few areas of my face and working them for a couple of
weeks. This way I know that it's starting to work it's magic in terms of
stymying the rate of growth. This is, as we all know, what we want, lesson
the trips made to the bathrom to fix the unsightly mess strewn about your
pretty 'mug'.

The legs behind the scenes with it's technology is heat. It singes the hair
down to the root without pain whatsoever. Best of all they recommend that
users only use two to three times weekly at first for about a month and only
when necessary thereafter.

This is truly a nice small time frame indeed. The only other thing you have to
take into account is buffing. What? Yes, you need to make certain that after
your using the no no for face, you softly buff out the crystallizations of hair
that are left behind.

Believe me, your relationship partner will love that smoother face after you do
a little bit of work on your end. No pain no gain right? Well, thankfully, there
really is no pain in the nono, it's just easy and streamlined in it's process.
However, in the beginning we were worried about thicker regrowth similar to
shaving the upper lip for women.

So far, this is not the case and doesn't seem to accentuate faster or thicker
regrowth, and that was a huge concern in previous years without the facial no
no. We took advantage of the 60 day trial period that was thankfully risk free.
If your into your vanity like we are, this small handheld item is something
you'll find yourself quickly not being able to do without.

Give the face no no a whirl and see for yourself!
relationship advice jealousy copyright 2012