Panic Attacks

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What are the symptoms of panic attacks? And when we are seemingly
having one, what are the dynamics behind them?

You've heard that each persons brain, mind, or circuitry are wired
differently than everyone elses. There is miles of truth to this as no two of us
are the same exactly.

Therefore, our reasoning and overall information analytics are also
dissimilar to the next individual. When we were children, much of the
reactions we ingested were from other kids reacting to something positive
or negative.

So what did we do naturally? We implemented similar or same 'learned'
reactions or behaviors to specific stimuli that were good or bad. In
essence, socialogically we learned to react to our environment via the
conduit of others' fears and tendencies.

This, in some way is really a bad thing but was there any other choice
when you were four years old? Probably not because your brain was
looking for things to imitate and thats naturally how humans learn.

So what does all that have to do with panic attacks? What a panic
attack does is attempt to cease your capability to reason properly. Similar
to an inebriated individual who's had too much to drink.

The same can literally be said about a panic attack. It shuts down logical
reasoning and generates internal chemical reactions that physically
cause even more turmoil inside your body.

The root is based within your own mind. If we didn't have stress or panic,
there would really never be anything to worry about right? We would
literally get up whenever we wanted in the morninig, go anywhere we
chose during the day and not worry about work or making a living.

Motivators: Have you heard that panic, stress, or anxiety are feelings that
motivate you to get an A plus at school or go to work everday
eventhough you may not want to?

It's the overall degree at which we permit these feelings to penetrate our
psyche and fester within like some exotic disease. You control what you

You can let in anything you want into your brain in any given instance
and block out the thoughts that you don't want in. You know this right?

So why is it so hard when your not thinking about something to keep it
from entering your mind and cause panic attack symptoms to arise?

In a subconscious capacity, our brains work when we are awake and not
just when we are asleep. The layer under your consciousness can leak into
our general thoughts eventhough we don't retrieve this thought

These thoughts are less controllable as compared to sought out one's. And
as a result, they are more fierce in their grip on us and many times create
these overly aggressive reactions that attack our body, especially the
nervous system.

The throat can tighten and feel constricted, cluster headaches can
pierce in a moment, your mouth can get bone dry, and your pulse can
suddenly start to race uncontrollably.

After it's all said and done, you feel exhausted and still uncertain as to why
this continuously occurs and how you can ultimately prevent it from ever
happening again........and then it does!

You are on the lookout for panic attack treatments of any variety
especially ones that don't include taking a medication that can lead to
possible addiction, ulcers, other major side effects, and financial cost.

Preferrably something natural so chemicals are fully out of the equation
altogether right?

Personally, I have suffered from panic attacks for much of my adolescent
and adult life but I have always refused the medicated route for obvious

My particular reasoning for panic attacks were due to my own security
issues with regards to my significant relationships such as girlfriend, dad
and the like.

Money was also a huge issue and many times still can be, but the
relationships usually dwarfed cash issues for some reason. Nonetheless, I
can say that I found a solution via the internet much like you right now.

Its a site called panic away and it doesn't hinge on any drugs
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The results were utterly immediate! I could notice a change in my life within
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I can't tell you how much relief you'll get for such a nominal investment. If
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