Wife is Cheating - Definitive Article Describing This Infraction In Full & Explicit Detail

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So you've determined your wife is cheating or you are on the cusp of
revealing what you suspect? Littering your mind amongst your own pollution is
man who needs full verification if not already, and potential closure altogether.

Crossing your mind is the past, present, and future of what might never be
again. Working it out is a possibilty if indeed the case, however, when you
come to the conclusion my wife is cheating, a bridge will be crossed within
one's mind.

Driving your own noggin crazy is the 'could of should of beens'. These
possibilities and potential regrets can hammer on you until your silly from

If you haven't confirmed your wife is cheating yet, it is a seriously confounding
time to have these horrible suspicions. A dilemma that if left unchecked, can
truly wear down your own self-dignity deep into the ground.

One thing to note is the psychology of the entire event(s) as to why she may
be cheating in the first place. Throw yourself into her shoes if just for a moment
and attempt to figure why your wife would go to such extremes cheating.

Is it because she feels unfulfilled in some capacity? Perhaps these needs she
interprets are illogical but are nonetheless the driving force or motivation
your wife's activities.

Note: If it comes to blows over this or these events, it would be wise to take
stock in your portion of the relationship that 'according to her' caused her to

This is not saying that these needs are significant or true she thinks she is entitled
to but founded or unfounded, it still is a human mind interpreting what they
think they need out of a relationship and that is cheating!

So if you find yourself in a future relationship as a result of your wife is cheating,
then potentially see this as part of a learning curve when it comes to women
for yourself.

Maybe your spouse is simply so self-centered that she feels that it's her god gifted
right to be with anyone intimately she deems fit and whomever she hurts in the
process can simply 'just deal with it'.

If this is the case and fulfillment isn't the drivers behind it, you have even more
motivation to get closure and let go of this diseased relationship with your wife.

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