No No for Men

There is a no no for men, this I know because I use it myself. As the
owner of valueprep, I have been plagued by being a hairy guy all of
my life! It's a trip every four to six weeks to the bathroom for a full
body shave and every time I go, it gets worst!

Now, men should know that if your super hairy like myself, you would
need to cover a lot of ground with this little honey of a gizmo.
However, if your looking to get areas on your face and body that you
would like to grow back much slower, it's absolutely perfect!

Now, I am not going to go into physiological details of the caverness
areas that it's good for and that I personally use it for, but I'm sure
you get the idea. Lets just say that the nono for men has lifted my
personal vanity to all new heights as much as I hate to say it.

What does this thing do that mere shaving cannot? Shaving face and
body hair for men is a kin to general maintenance. However, not
many guys know that this little device even exists let alone can save
them time.

We all know that time is money, we are all looking to make as much
as possible and this is just another way to save on time and
expensive laser hair removal treatments. Now getting back to
comparing shaving vs the no no for men. What it does technically is
that it uses a proprietary technology that heats the hairs down past
the surface and to the root without any pain or discomfort.

This is a great little concept, but it also crystallizes the hair so that
continuation of it's existing growth rate is halted. Well when you say
that, how much? If you use it for 4-5 weeks at first, that should be
enough to really slow down the growth rate practically anywhere you

Some of the caveats are that you will have to buff out the crystals,
you want to do your applications before you shave, and you don't
want to work on hair over 3 mm in length.

Personally, I saw the overall best looking results a little under 2
months after I started the procedures, which did not take very long
for each. Now, I barely use it if at all, and the hair grows back
significantly slower and much finer when it does.

There is nothing worst than having lower back hair pulling when your
sitting or always trimming under the arms. This thing can be brought
anywhere as it's small and easy to conceal, and using it is pretty fast
as well.

Another thing is that it's not something that you need to tell everyone
you do for body hair maintenance as it's not needed and private to
you and perhaps your girlfriend or wife. All in all, I would whole
heartedly recommend this product, you can even try it for like sixty
days free.

Take it from me, one of the hairiest men on earth, this is a powerful
solution that can really make a difference in your life for the better,
and all without pain. Get nono and check it out for yourself, you
probably won't be disappointed.
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