Anxiety Disorder

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Regretfully, I can look back on most of my life as entailing an anxiety
disorder whether big or small. My main physical symptomology includes
constriction in the throat and the tiny vessles that encompass it.

Thats the physiology of my recurrent anxiety disorder however, the
psychology of it and socialogical ramifications as a result, are to me,
more important to I'm sure they are with you.

From the outset of my adolescence, there were emotions that raced
around like cars circling a track and keeping them on a leash so to
speak, was difficult.

They were the perfect environment for festering anxiety disorder
! Control: I couldn't get a handle on many of them so instead
of not allowing them to take my body and mind over, I succombed to
their suffocating hold on me.

Daily, it was a tortuous grind that seemingly was turning into a weird
obsession whereby I almost thought I needed it. This became
self-mutilation to my psyche times one million!

Negative thoughts entered and couldn't be suppressed or abolished so
therefore, it became cyclical and worst yet, they were seeming to have
their own evolution of sorts.

Yes, my anxiety disorder panic would arise so randomized that I would
literally feel like my throat was going to start hemorrhaging

I delved into several mini and overbearing depression like episodes that
would last for some time as a result of my anxiety disorder. It would take
years to figure what root issues like my relationships, lack of inner
security, and overall love I had for myself that played in the overall

Thinking of the bigger picture was where I started! From the ground up, I
would have thoughts like: How many days are a normal life? Well if you
live 100 years, only around 36,500.

How many good days do I think I have left? Again, not a hell of a lot!
But nonetheless, enough to change the way I've been thinking for the
betterment of my future.

These basic mathematical questions answered a very simple thing for
me. The old cost benefit analysis that can be utilized under practically
any conditions and for literally anything conceivable was now in play.

It was like a self interview where I asked myself (without speaking of
course) what benefit do I receive by allowing for anxious feelings to
suffocate me vs the cost incurred?

Now, put that into context with literally the amount of good days you
think you have left on earth. This is true anxiety disorder help at it's most
elementary level indeed!

Moreover, if you drilled down a little deeper, you could also wonder
whether specific relationships you have with whomever are even worth
the cost it takes to maintain them, or whether they are simply 'dead
weight on your mind'.

These relationships many times fuel your anxiety disorder 'twelves times
to sunday!' They are the drivers that keep that nervousness alive and
well on a daily basis within your tattered and beleaguered mind.

It doesn't take a harvard graduate to understand that, sure you are
allowing this occur, but external forces play a largely significant role in
anxiety maintenance.

Cleaning house: This is, relatively speaking, the most difficult aspect of
demolishing your anxiety disorder to utter oblivion. You have to take
stock in whats around you, and many times, pick it up and throw it in
the garbage (for lack of a better term).

This will streamline your life enough down to a mere basic and
managable format so you can 'keep the stuff off of your plate that you
don't need, and allow the things on there that are vital to your
emotional health overall'.

You don't have to accept this way of life! Remember you always hold
the keys to your mind, eventhough, many people like to rent space in

Your mental power is infinite if you entrust in yourself and disallow
negatives to seep into your mind where they can wreak havoc
mentally and physically.

Do I have a recommendation to assist you beyond this article? I
certainly do. In fact, it helped me tremendously with practically 100% of
my anxiety disorder where today, I virtually live anxiety free regardless
of financial or relationship stressors.

If you feel like you need additional help to eliminate anxiety in every
capacity within your respective life, get this information today because
I can attest it will do wonders for your anxiety disorder.

To Your Mental Health,